Car Jump Starters |

Dead car batteries always seem to come at the worst possible time. Our Car battery booster Kits help you prepare for this event. Small and easily stored, these Car Battery Boosters can safeguard yourself, or your loved ones, from getting stuck out on the road for an easily avoidable reason.

What is a Bakth Mini Jump Starter?

Bakth Mini Jump starters are portable battery devices that enable the jump starting of automonbiles that need additional power to start their engine. Our devices work in a similar way to car jumper cables. However, Bakth Mini Jump Starters do not require another vehicle's battery to power the dead vehicles battery. Our Jump starters come in various sizes - specifically designed for individual users needs. It has been claimed that one of the main disadvantages of Portable car jump starters is the weight, size and long wait sometimes required to successfully Start the car - Our kits connect easily to your Cars battery and can have you back on the road in a matter of minutes, they are one of the fastest units on the market.