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Bakth gaming keyboards put a load of awesome features at your fingertips, including greater accuracy, feel, and responsiveness when compared to other PC keyboards. They can (and most likely will) improve your game and your entire gaming experience. Getting a gaming keyboard from Bakth is well worth the cost. Once you see, feel and experience what Bakth Keyboards have to offer, you’ll never want to go back to what you had before.

Bakth Gaming keyboards offer a superior tactile feel, responsiveness, and awesome features to improve overall gaming experience. Leaving you with the ability to dominate the battlefield.

If you are looking for a quality but cheap gaming keyboard, you've come to the right place.

Here’s a quick overview of common features that are offered throughout the Bakth gaming keyboard range.

Anti-Ghosting & Improved Polling Rates for better responsiveness

Typical keyboards can't handle more than three keystrokes at a time. Bakth’s Gaming keyboards can handle multiple keystrokes, so you’ll never get caught out.

Programmable gaming keys

Bakth’s Gaming keyboards offer programmable keys – Configure them wisely and you’ll be able to offer some major beat-downs with ease.

Backlighting to light your way.

We know a lot of Gamers play in the dark (a lot), so Bakth’s backlighting is functional as well as being pretty. We offer keyboards with multiple brightness levels so you can adjust it to ensure that you are getting the mix right for your nighttime gaming. Many of our keyboards will also give you the ability to change the colors of the backlight – including the choice of having multiple colors at a time.