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Don’t be stuck with a standard PC mouse with 2 boring buttons. Bakth’s gaming mice bring more to the table any standard mouse can handle. Our Gaming mice are being constantly innovated with new and improved features and capabilities. As a manufacturer, we are always making sure our gaming mice products are more advantageous for gamers. Our hardware lets you become more precise, use more buttons, and totally dominate other competitors when gaming online.

Bakth Gaming mice use optical technology to track the mouse's movement. This allows for a much, much, higher DPI (dots per inch).  Bakth Gaming mice can track up to a massive 3600 dpi. Letting you crush anyone using a standard 800dpi mouse. Another awesome feature of our mice is the ability to choose mice that have up to 10 programmable buttons - These buttons let your mouse take up some of the keyboards workload. Ensuring faster and smoother gaming.

You may also have heard that wireless gaming mice are laggy, slow, and unresponsive compared to wired gaming mice. And once upon a time, that was true. But today, you probably won't even notice a difference between wireless and wired gaming mice without that telltale braided cable.

Our range of wireless gaming mice, are responsive and lag-free, built with quality, comfort and battery life in mind. The best wireless gaming mice can literally last for months of daily use and gaming. If you are looking for a cheap wireless gaming mouse, there is no better place to find it.