Power Banks |

Bakth offers a wide selection of Power Banks. Our products make charging convenient wherever you go. As 2016 will see more mobile use than any year previous, so keeping your device conected will be of paramount importance. Our Power Banks include a variety of connectors and can charge mobile phones of all models in the market. In addition, our external battery is also suitable for charging MP3, MP4, iPad, and other electronic products requiring a 5V input. Every Bakth battery product conforms to RoHS standards and our products are environmentally friendly.

What's a Power Bank & what can they charge?

Bakth Power Banks are composed of a unique battery within a casing that has a special circuit to regulate power flow. They enable you to store electrical power (stored in the internal battery) and later utilize it to charge-up a mobile device. Bakth Poer Banks are becoming increasingly common as the battery life of our favorite devices, Games and media devices is outstripped by the amount of time we devote using them every day. By retaining a Bakth power bank battery backup close by, you can top up your device(s) while far from a wall outlet.

Our Power Banks are about the best for almost any Hardware-charged units. Cameras, MP4's, Portable speakers, GPS units, MP3 players, smartphones and most modern tablets can be charged from our Power Bank - almost anything that runs from battery powered Hardware in the home can be charged from a Batkh Power Bank!